"Success is 80% mindset, and %20 strategy." Tony Robbins


How much time, money, and emotional energy have you invested in your horse?

Scary question isn't it?!  

How much fulfillment do you get from horse ownership? As much as you should?

I find it to be increasingly common that horse owners pour large amounts of finances, time, and 

energy into just keeping their horse, but stop just short of that little bit extra that actually leads to the fulfillment they were seeking from horse ownership in the first place.

POWER UP CLINICS:  In our two day Power Up Clinic I will guide you through self exploration and awareness that will help you  demolish old fears, revitalize your love of riding, and get you excited to accomplish your goals! 

The clinic is 3 hours of seminar in the morning, followed by small group riding lessons after lunch, both days.

Check our schedule page for upcoming Power Up Clinics.  We are still putting together out 2018 schedule.  None in your area? please let us know if you want to see a clinic in your area.  We are always looking for hosts (we treat hosts really well! just saying!) 

To get you started!!!

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But for now, try out these...

(I promise they WON'T work if you DON'T actually do them!!!!)

~ How can you stretch your comfort zone this week? We often don't stretch our comfort zone until we are on our horse, and even then, many of us still don't stretch it on purpose! Then, next thing you know, your horse spooks at something and you find your comfort zone quite stretched! Don't let the unexpected be the only time you put yourself in a challenging situation. Get out of your comfort zone, even if only by a little bit, every single week!

Some ideas- Do summersaults, or cartwheels (remember those?)  Go ziplining, rock climbing, roller skating,  or sign up for a class in karate, kickboxing, aerial yoga, or dance. I love these because they also have a physical component to them.  If you can simultaneously work on stretching your comfort zone, and physical strength and balance, that is certainly going to improve your confidence! Other ideas are doing a boudoir photo shoot with a trusted photographer, wear the cute dress even if its a little too much, dance in public, sign karaoke, or better yet, sing in an elevator or public space. Do a speech in front of others (no audience? ever hear of YouTube or Facebook live?! No excuses!!) These are also big confidence builders, but you have to own it! Don't just dance- turn on the sexy! Don't just sing- Belt it out! Do something to stretch your comfort zone THIS WEEK!!!


~ Watch your words! No I don't mean swear words.  But our language is so important.  How do you speak about your horse? Do you talk about how hard he tries, or how slow he learns? Do you focus on his awesome character, or his short legs? Do you talk about his improvements, or his weaknesses?  What about your own riding? DO you talk about your improvements or your weeknesses? Give your self some credit! This stuff is hard, and I bet you've learned way more then you give yourself credit for!  You know how your horse tends to steer towards whatever you are looking at?  Well, so does your life! If you talk about everything that is going wrong, then that is what you are focusing on, and that is what you'll get more of!!  So your homework, first of all, is awareness.  Do you complain about the miserable weather? Because that is a determination killer right there! I find I complain about weather as an easy way to converse with people- its safe and universal.  I find myself discussing my faults (opps! Like right now!) because I think it helps others relate with me, and shows my humility.  Well, forget that! At least for awhile.  Talk about how accomplished you feel for sticking it out in the heat/rain/cold/high winds.  Celebrate your successes and talk about small wins instead of tiny fails. I read in High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard that COURAGEOUSNESS IS CONTAGIOUS!!  So spread that shit! You are a badass- let others know it and encourage them to be badass too! And then you'll receive it back from them. Create an awesome circle of badassery!  In fact, send your friends this link- you can all push each other to 'watch your language' and stretch your comfort zones together!

~ Confidence is in your butt, not your head. So sit on it.  This means a few things! First of all, try sitting like a fearful person... how do you hold yourself? Your shoulders, your head, your facial expression, your breathing, your muscle tone... what are they like.  Now do the stance of a confident super hero- did you just grow 6 inches? How is your posture now? Your facial expression? Your breathing? Your overall energy?  This is way different from doing fearful impersonation, isn't it?  And here is the thing- when you do the physiology of those emotions, you really own them.  Its impossible to hold either of those positions for a real length of time without taking on the feels of that position.  Soooo, what position do you go into while riding? What if your horse gets tense? Do you go into fearful leaning forward, rounded shoulders fetal position? (might as well look for a soft spot to fall off onto at that point!) Or do you sit tall, weight over hips, long legs, head held high, and own the moment?!  Practice confident body posture in non horse life- anytime you need to put your best foot forward, make sure that foot is connected to a confident body! Then next time you are on your horse, use any tiny possible fear inducing moments to practice sitting back, tall, and deep- maybe every time you go past the door, or scary corner, or during a fast trot, or before a counter depart, or anytime your horse lifts his head. It doesn't matter what it is, as long as you are consistent so it becomes habit.  Pretend all your confidence, grit and determination lives in your butt- and you activate it through sitting deep and having strong super hero posture!


These are just three tiny ways to get you started.  I would write more, but honestly, if I give people too much they don't do any of it! So put these three things into action.  If you do all three I promise it will make a difference- but you have to do them!


And think- this is just a short article... imagine two solid days of learning and living this stuff!!!