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Welcome to Rudy Horsemanship

Rudy Horsemanship is dedicated to helping you reach your horsemanship, foundation, and/or dressage goals.  Located in Jonestown PA, we combine classical dressage and foundation horsemanship (called natural horsemanship by some) to create horses and riders that are calm, confident, and balanced.

We can help you create a fulfilling relationship with your horse!

Enrolling yourself or your child in the riding school at Rudy Horsemanship LLC is signing up for immersion into a social group that teaches all aspects of horsemanship and riding, and encourages personal growth and a love of learning. Students will learn a safe effective riding seat, ground work, horse psychology and training methods, and horse care.  Students will also be guided on how to self correct their own physical and mental state, and improve their independence, confidence, leadership, and coordination. We strive to create a supportive environment and cultivate a culture where students celebrate each other's progress- regardless of whether a student is an advanced equestrian with huge goals, or just seeking self improvement with horses as the medium for doing so.  Students learn together and are encouraged to contribute to each other’s success.
Rudy Horsemanship is different.
We teach those just touching a horse for the first time the whole way through life long advanced equestrians who are working on earning medals or achieving world titles, all in the same arena.  Beginner students deserve the best, and lesson horses should be highly educated by advanced riders.
We also do it all.
Its easy to hear "Jack of all trades" and immediately think "master of none" but that really is NOT how it works in this industry. Foundation is everything and we pull knowledge from many disciplines. While our advanced students often eventually specialize in one or two disciplines (like dressage, jumping, etcetera) our beginners will learn to ride in a variety of saddles, on a variety of horses.  Our advanced students have so many more tools available to them because we expect jumpers to know a little bit about moving cows, and riding on trails, and we want all horses and riders to have a good understanding of dressage. 
We stress equitation.
We want riders to be safe and healthy, and horses to be happy, and that isn't possible when a rider is flopping around and out of position.  We will help riders develop a strong supple seat on the horse and learn to move correctly together with their horse. This helps riders to be effective, confident, and greatly reduces repetitive motion injuries and accidents.
Rudy Horsemanship instructors teach throughout the US, and evenly globally via virtual lessons. Our instructors have decades of experience and have built an environment where they learn from and support each other, not just as riders and horsemen, but also as instructors.  That is something sorely missing in this industry.  It's already a big task to learn horsemanship, but finding excellent and exciting new ways to teach it is our passion!
Services Include

  The Rudy Horsemanship LLC riding school where students learn on our amazing lesson horses. Workshops also included // Private lessons available  // Clinics on and off site  //  Virtual lessons available globally // Monthly training for horses  // Much more...

Dressage at Devon
No strings
Ranch Roping
Shoulder in
2YO colt
Half pass
In hand work
piaffe steps
Colt Starting
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