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Lusitano Mare by Solar HM
lusitano stallion Solar HM

Fatia Da Casa

Dam: Victoria Do Retiro

Sire: Solar HM

lusitano stallion paragrapho do top

Paragrapho Do Top




Dardo II-IV

Afiancado De Flandes

Ufano II

Venturoso III



Afiancado De Flandes

Fatia's Pedigree

Fatia Da Casa

Fatia has produced numerous amazing offspring so has been sold as a riding horse where she will be loved and cherished, and can work on her post baby body.

Fatia is a pure Lusitano mare bred by Jorge Gabriel at Casa Lusitana.  Fatia is both intelligent and elegant with natural dressage gaits that clearly express quality extension and collection.  Her fluidity and cadence are apparent with every step she takes.  She is a smaller mare, light bodied, and floaty.  Fatia embodies our goal of creating horses that are easy to ride, easy to sit, and easy to live with.  I initially barely started her under saddle, walking only, while she was 6 months pregnant, and with zero work in between, I rode her with her 2 month old colt at her side walk, trot, and canter in the open.  They just don’t get any easier then that! Fatia is a big mover yet her back is so supple and easy to sit that maintaining a classical seat is near effortless.  If you lack size or strength, have an old injury, or are getting long in the tooth, a son or daughter from this mare may be the best way to increase your chances of reaching FEI levels without living at the gym.

Fatia’s pedigree combines the traditional bullfighting blood of her sire’s line, and the more elastic modern blood of her dam’s side.  Fatia’s sire, Solar HM is a traditional style Lusitano with a large dose of the famous Veiga bloodlines.  Veiga horses are well known for being sensitive to the aids, quick on their feet, and 100% submissive the rider- all qualities necessary in the bullfighting ring and handy in the dressage arena.  Solar has performed advanced dressage exhibitions sidesaddle and shows natural ability to collect and extended, but it his great character that is his trademark and a trait he passes on consistently.  Solar HM, his sire Paragrafo Top, and his grandsire, Afiancado De Flandes were all known for being electric and sensitive under an advanced rider, yet could be trusted to give a child an up/down lesson.  It is this rock solid character that makes these horses excellent amateur mounts. 


Not to be outdone, Fatia’s dam, Victoria do Retiro, is the direct daughter of the celebrated sire, Luar.  Luar is an impressive and elastic mover who could hold his own against any warmblood.  Luar ranked 6th with his team in the 2003 Pan American Games.  Luar’s son, Relampago do Retiro, was enjoying an illustrious dressage career, including competing in the 2008 Olympic games, but his life was cut short in a car accident while travelling home from a routine vet exam. Victoria’s dam sire, Dardo II-IV, is immediately recognizable among Lusitano fans, can piaffe all day long, and has produced many dressage and working equitation champions.  There is hardly a horse in Fatia’s pedigree that has not been trained in piaffe and passage, and one of her ancestors, Jabuti, was ridden under the tutelage of mestre Nuno Oliviera.  Other noteables in her 4 generation pedigree include Xique-Xique, Farao, Quieto, Dragao, Zimbro II, and Ufano II. 

Relampago Do Retiro- Fatia's Olympic uncle

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