Calendar of Events

We are putting together our 2018 clinic schedules now!!

Interested in hosting a clinic with Davin or Danee?  Good hosts get a percentage or to ride for free!  We recently restructured our business to allow more time for travel and teaching- help us expand our reach, and you benefit! Call or Text for more info.

Davin 717-623-3492

Danee 717-623-3409

March 18, 2018  Davin Rudy: Foundation Horsemanship- FULL

Starts on the ground and moves into the saddle.  Learn softness, feel, timing with the feet.



March 24 & 25, 2018  Rudy Horsemanship hosts Brendan Wise-FULL

Brendan Wise focuses on French Classical Dressage.  He teaches proper flexions, in hand work, correct bend, and supple connection to the bit.  French classical dressage focuses on lightness and collection and masters of this art are unfortunately rare.  Brendan also focuses on having a broad foundation which includes bridle-less riding and jumping, and includes a reining background. We are excited to host Brendan and for the opportunity to learn from him.

$285 to ride both days

$160 to ride one day (if we can pair you with another rider who can ride the other day)

$50 to audit the weekend, $30 to audit one day.

Clinic filling very quickly! Plenty of room to audit, but please let us know if you are coming in case I can get some volunteers to set up a lunch.

April 14 & 15, 2018  Davin Rudy: Foundation Horsemanship

We changed the format a little- AM is group on the ground. PM- series of private or semi private (depending on number of participants) lessons.

$250 includes group and lesson sessions both days.

$25 to audit. 

Learn softness, timing, and feel. Influence the horse's bend and balance through lightness.

May 19, 2018  Trail Obstacle Short Clinic   10:30 am-12:30

Come school the obstacle course.  Get tips on introducing new obstacles, work at your own pace.

Only $50

June 9 & 10, 2018  POWER UP with Danee Rudy

Find your Inner POWER, UPlevel your riding!!

Learn strategies for conquering your fear, developing grit, and achieving your goals.

AM- seminar (no horses) learn the strategies of power up.  approx. 3 hours

PM- small group lessons. Problem solve, and start building the habits of confidence.


$150/ non riding participant.

July 7 & 8, 2018: Davin Rudy Foundation clinic in Coatesville, PA

Learn feel, timing, and softness

Aug 4 & 5, 2018: Davin Rudy Foundation clinic in Coatesville, PA

Learn feel, timing, and softness

August 11, 2018  Open House & Horse Fair, 4:30pm start time

Free Admission. Free Parking. All demonstrations are free!

Entertainment Demonstrations include advanced ground work, tricks, Stallion Showcase, and a vaulting performance by Equidance Vaulters.

Educational Demonstrations include:

"Foundation Horsemanship for Every Horse" with Davin Rudy. Learn the basics every horse should know and why.

"Learning Laterals" with Danee Rudy. Learn the difference between leg yield, shoulder in, haunches in, and half pass and how to ride them- expect audience participation!

Other Fun Stuff: Vendors, food stand, games.  For a small donation, attendees can try a vaulting move- first on a stationary barrel, and then on the vaulting horse.

Bring your horse! School on the obstacle course for $25. Sign up for an equine massage session. Limited stalls available.

August 12, 2018  Trail Obstacle Show, 4:30pm start time

4 classes- each a little harder then the one before: In hand, Intro walk/trot, Moderate walk/trot, and Standard walk/trot/canter.  Each course is 9-12 obstacles. $25/class.

September 15, 2018: Danee Rudy- Riding Back to Front Clinic, Jonestown PA

Learn how to get your horse to stretch FORWARD into your hand the correct way.  Understand the biomechanics of correct positioning, and leave this clinic having the tools to get ANY horse correctly on the bit without draw reins or seesawing ever again.  Learn inside leg to outside rein connection, action/reaction, stretching to the hand, back to front riding, and how to tweak each exercise to match the current level of the horse.