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Rudy Horsemanship Breeding

Breeding Goals- "Grandma's First Grand Prix Horse"

Our breeding goals are simple- easy to train, easy to sit, easy to live with, in a dressage package. We recognize that riders are real people- we have goals, but we also have back problems, time constraints, and limited experience.  So our aim is to produce beautiful horses with amazing trainability, steadfast attitudes, talent for collection and flying changes, with movement that is elegant and supple… but not so huge that the average rider can’t sit to it.
Our foals are handled with care- how babies are taught to lead affects how they ride later.  We put in softness and acceptance from the beginning so they easily learn to softly accept the aids later. Our youngsters are started with care and we provide training services for our clients from basic handling, through starting, inspections, and showing through FEI levels.

Our Stallions...
lumos snow.jpg
Our Broodmares...

It's highly unlikely we've updated offspring here. Go to the Rudy Horsemanship Facebook Page and message us there to ask about current offspring

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