About Us

Our "System" is simply Foundation

Horses are individuals. We believe in expanding our toolbox and sense of feel through cross-disciplinary knowledge. The focus of our personal study is foundation horsemanship (as taught by Ray Hunt and Buck Brannaman) and classical dressage, but we are willing to pick up knowledge anywhere- even outside the horse world. We then find the best ways to transfer that knowledge to you, to help you build your dream relationship with your horse.  Our aim is to produce happy, confident, well balanced horses and riders!

Danee Rudy 

Danee competes through PSG level dressage. She earned her both her USDF silver and bronze medals on a 14.1 hand mustang, Rave,that she gentled for the 2008 Midwest Mustang Challenge where she earned 6th out of 60 competitors. Danee also has an extensive show jumping background, and has dabbled in many other disciplines, each giving her different "tools" as a rider and teacher. As an instructor Danee has a clear, positive approach, helping riders to overcome setbacks and plateaus. Danee is able to help riders fix foundational issues that are sometimes masked by their own symptoms. She also understands the mental and emotional aspects of learning and confidence and can help riders to do their best and accomplish their goals.

Davin Rudy

Davin strives for excellence in his foundation work on the ground and in the saddle while studying vaquero tradition. His ability to read the horse, and think ahead, enable him to get big changes in a horse rather quickly. His clinics are popular due to his straight forward style and creative exercises that help riders improve their timing, feel for the feet, and ability to influence the horse in a positive way. Davin helps horses and humans get emotionally centered. He often helps riders understand core issues they've been unaware of for years. Davin believes in simple things done with excellence. 

We can help your dreams become goals, and your goals to become reality. 
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Rudy Horsemanship