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About Us

Our "System" is simply Foundation

Jack of all trades, master of none, sounds bad as a business model- but it's what really works for the horse. Who doesn't want the calm workmanship of a roping horse, the biomechanics of a dressage horse and the boldness of an eventer? 

 What makes us different? We do up/down beginner lessons through advanced clinics.  Many teachers never advance past what it takes to start beginners, and many clinician level instructors never teach regular individual lessons. Instructors at Rudy Horsemanship are ready to help you with the most fundamental basics, through the most advanced maneuvers. You become what you are around- this is a supportive environment where you are expected to support others in their journey as they support you.

Danee Rudy
(USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist, Mustang Makeover Top Ten Finalist)
[Pronounced "Duh- neigh"]

Danee is a positive "feel good" teacher that gets students to enjoy their horse in ways they never thought possible. She works with each horse and rider ,where they are, to identify root issues blocking their progression. Being a mentor at heart, Danee helps riders with seat lessons, confidence, understanding the aids, rider biomechanics, equine biomechanics, timing of the aids, and more.

Prepare to break out of training level purgatory! You are going to advance like you never imagined. 

Davin Rudy
(Mustang Makeover Top Ten Finalist)

Davin strives for excellence in his foundation work on the ground and in the saddle while studying vaquero tradition. His ability to read the horse, and think ahead, enable him to get big changes in a horse rather quickly. His clinics are popular due to his straight forward style and creative exercises that help riders improve their timing, feel for the feet, and ability to influence the horse in a positive way. Davin helps horses and humans get emotionally centered. He often helps riders understand core issues they've been unaware of for years.

Davin believes in simple things done with excellence. 

Lise Lavine
(CHA Certified instructor) [pronounced 'lease"]

Lise is where the fun is! This woman is a fairly new team member and boy are we glad! Lise has a way of getting children, dogs, and horses (and adults too if we are being honest) to tow the line and enjoy doing it! Not only is her personality just the best, but Lise has years of experience teaching beginners and her horsemanship has improved by leaps in the past few years- there is no limit to where she is heading. Lise is a fun creative instructor and also the clinic coordinator here at Rudy Horsemanship.  

Lise will have you feeling right at home from the moment you pull in. 

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