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Rudy Horsemanship is dedicated to helping you reach your horsemanship, foundation, and/or dressage goals.  Located in Jonestown PA, we combine classical dressage and foundation horsemanship (called natural horsemanship by some) to create horses and riders that are calm, confident, and balanced.

We can help you create a fulfilling relationship with your horse!

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Are you Excelling in all Five Categories of Horsemanship???

There are many aspects of horsemanship, and they all fit into at least one of these five categories. Some horse professionals are expert in a few of these categories. There is nothing wrong with specializing in one or two areas, but sometimes problems arise in an area they are not as familiar with and then they try to solve it through the categories they are expert in.  For example, a dressage pro might try to fix a horse’s confidence issue through balancing and bending and acceptance of the aids.  This may work okay for some horses, but others will find it demanding and may even get worse.  A colt starter/roper might produce calm confident horses that do not use their body properly and then have lameness issues.  Some pros are awesome at riding horses, but struggle to help riders develop their own confidence and growth mindset. 


We believe all five categories are immeasurably important and we strive to not only master all categories in our own horsemanship, but also to assist our clients in balancing and mastering all five as well.


The Five Categories of Horsemanship (with descriptions)

1.) Timing and Feel

         Pressure and release, timing with the feet, phases of pressure.

2.) Relationship/ Leadership

         Taking control without being controlling, understanding and guiding our horse’s emotions, breaking challenges into small pieces, seeing issues for what they are.

3.) Seat

         Heels down, ear/shoulder/hip/heel alignment, balance, symmetry, riding from your core.

4.) Understanding Equine Biomechanics

         Knowing how the body works, what real collection is, why bend is important, and being able to apply that knowledge.   Riding the back and haunches instead of the head and neck.    

5.) Emotional Control/ Mindset

          Rider confidence during the unexpected, not going into fetal position, not allowing ourselves to become victim to the horse.  Goal setting, positive imagery, looking where we want to go and meaning it, believing in ourselves and in our horse.

Have you put equal amounts of time into all five areas? Does your instructor assist you in the areas you need it most?

Services Include

 Educating and supporting riders through lessons and clinics // Starting and campaigning young sport horses  // Breed show handling  //Hosting horse shows on site  // Stallion service and young horse sales  // Much more...

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We can help your dreams become goals, and your goals to become reality. 
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